Online Therapy Training –
Level 1: Fundamentals

Previously known as “Effectively see your clients: Learn to provide online therapy”

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15, 22, 29 Aug & 5 Sept

All sessions 9.30—11.00am (AEST)


$330 ($300 +GST)

Inclusions: Certificate of Attendance with 6 hours CPD, a recording of each session will be available.


12, 19, 26 Sept & 3 Oct

All sessions 9.30—11.00am (AEST)


$330 ($300 +GST)

Inclusions: Certificate of Attendance with 6 hours CPD, a recording of each session will be available.



Level 1 + Level 2 + Level 2A
$1078  $1000

Level 1 + Level 2
$726  $700


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Webinar outline

  • Have you been looking at the online counselling/therapeutic/coaching space and wondering if it is for you?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed at the options and choices and possibilities?
  • Do you find yourself asking, where do I start and what are the professional ethical considerations?
  • Do you want to know how to provide online therapeutic services?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this webinar series is for you.

This webinar will be provided online, creating the perfect opportunity to learn and discuss the materials covered.  You will gain an understanding and appreciation of the anxieties clients may face when they seek online therapy.  We will also discuss the different generations, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Y and Millennials, and how online therapy may assist them.

Currently, the online therapeutic space is littered with white noise and a myriad of practitioners providing services. This training will provide information about how to provide highly professional services across all online and technology-assisted therapy. There will be discussions about how to provide services in the online environment, what therapists can do to provide such services and the legalities surrounding online therapy. Throughout this series we will acquaint you with the modern digital therapy world and will assist you in building a foundation of knowledge of the relevant concepts and methods as you create an online therapeutic space.

You will no longer feel that you are ‘flying blind’ in our highly digitalised therapeutic online world and instead have the confidence to forge ahead with your online practice. In this four-part webinar program, this is just some of what we’ll cover.


Setting the Scene

  • What is online therapy?
  • What online therapy is not.
  • What kinds of services you can provide online.
  • Discussion of the different online systems, services and platforms.
  • To Skype or not to Skype?


The importance of geography – providing services across the global divide

  • Rural and regional practice across the divide in Australia.
  • The challenge of empathy across the digital gulf.
  • Globally using online therapy – what you need to know.
  • Global trends in the online space.
  • Case studies of regional and rural online therapeutic practice.


Solutions to providing professional online therapeutic services

  • Looking at the different online platforms available.
  • Tips, tricks and pitfalls of using online therapy.
  • The magic of the online space.
  • How to provide different types of online services – whether it be coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, social work, couples counselling, family counselling and group work – all is possible with online therapy.
  • Looking at the ‘how’ of being personal yet professional online.
  • Being ready to provide online services.
  • Boundaries of the online space.
  • Privacy – your client’s privacy is your concern.


Contracting, legalities and important information

  • Australian Government legislation and regulations for online work.
  • International legislation and obligations.
  • HIPAA – what is it and do we need to know about it?
  • Mandatory reporting and how it applies to the online space.
  • Contracting with clients – terms and conditions, assessments, boundaries and consent.
  • Being your genuine ‘self’ online.
  • Examples of online therapeutic contracts, terms & conditions and boundaries documents.
  • Protecting yourself online.

Webinar structure

Each session will be 90 minutes will consist of 70 minutes of lecture material and 20 minutes for discussion and responding to questions.

The sessions will be recorded and you will be able to access the recordings again if you need to refresh or deepen your knowledge.

Who should attend

Psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, coaches – anyone who is providing services online.

Learning outcomes

  • Learning about different online systems, services and platforms
  • To Skype or not to Skype?
  • Rural, regional and globally using online therapy - how to doit
  • Look at globalisation and trends in the online space
  • Learn about tips, tricks and pitfalls for using online therapy
  • Count this training towards your professional development
  • Discover the differences between platforms like Skype, Zoom, Gotomeeting, Gotowebinar, Google Hangouts and others. – Learn about some new trends coming your way
  • Australian Government regulations for online work
  • Contracting with clients - helpful, useful information and possible documentation
  • Practical training where you can ask questions as you go
  • All different forms of online therapy will be discussed


Professional Pre-requisite

Level 1 requires at least an intermediate computer level skill set. This course is specific to psychology, counselling and psychotherapy online private practices and larger businesses.

Level 1 covers the foundational, fundamental and technological requirements to run a professional, yet personal, online therapeutic practice.

We will touch on the requirements specific to therapists to run an online thertapy business or private practice, as well as some of the technical requirements and will look at presence, working with cultural and geographical difference.



Important information for participants

  • Level 1 and Level 2 are practical courses, that moves beyond the basic knowledge of simple requirements for running an online, virtual or Telehealth practice.
  • This course is based on how to hold the space digitally, how to achieve client outcomes digitally, and worldwide digital best practice.
  • The levels of these courses have been set up on the basis of your digital skills.


All participants who attend 100% of this training will receive the AOTT logo and will be able to use the AOTT Level 1 logo on paperwork, business cards and your resume. Note that Level 1 must be attended prior to Level 2. Level 2 has either an RPL process, or requirement of full attendance at Level 1.

Click here to see Level 2 for more information.


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